Welcome to Hemphill Wellness Center

Become a member of  The HEMPHILL WELLNESS CENTER, Michigan’s most exclusive Medical Patient and Caregiver Collective. We are Burton’s only licensed Private Medical Collective and we are now welcoming all new member applications! Stop by today to see our current special offers. Peace of mind and safe access to the highest grade medicine is paramount. Know your patient rights under the latest cases in the evolving medical marijuana field. Our method of operation protects all patients and caregivers from potential criminal liability for acquiring your medicine of choice. Don’t risk your health or sacrifice your rights when you can be fully protected.

Apply in person at our licensed Safe Access facility at 3365 Associates Drive. In BURTON, MI. For more information and call us today to schedule your membership appointment. (810) 820-3812.

Hemphill Wellness Center is a licensed medical marijuana collective in the city of Burton.  We have been in operation since May of 2011. We are a small organization that enjoys getting to know and developing relationships with each and every one of our patients. We feel that the more we get to know you the more we can help you. Here at Hemphill we take pride in our professionalism and expand our knowledge every day. All while promising to do everything in our power to simplify and enlighten the process of acquiring your medicine. We also promise to remain firmly in accordance with Michigan state law. Hemphill Wellness Center is and always will be honored to be you and your loved ones number one choice for quality medication and supplies.

We are located on an industrial street, off the beaten path, perfect for privacy and discretion. Once you step through our doors you might wonder if you are in the right place! The main lobby has a very comforting and warming effect, with the smell of fresh coffee and scented candles and a blend of home-style décor. You will be politely greeted by a staff member when you enter then you will be Signed up and seen in a timely fashion. Feel free to ask as many questions as you can think of. We are happy to share our knowledge with you. If you are ever unsatisfied with our service let us know, and our patient satisfaction guarantee will ensure that you come to trust us and continue to leave here with a smile on your face!
We have set the standard

Nothing short of the best! That is our mantra. Here patients are presented with a wide selection of Michigan grown organic and non-organic medicine. On average you will find 15 different strains at any given time. We treat our herbs as medicine and our patients as superiors. Ask any of our patients and they will tell you to check us out for yourselves. You will not be disappointed!

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